INVERCOAL IS AN INTERNATIONAL TRADING AND MINING COMPANY ,OF HIGH RANK ANTHRACITIC, SEMI-ANTHRACITIC AND COKING COAL, that specializes mainly in serving the steel and metallurgical industries, and recently the water treatment systems of the largest municipalities with anthracite filter media. INVERCOAL holds mines of all metallurgical coal types , including : anthracite, semi-anthracite, low volatile coking coal, medium volatile coking coal and high volatile coking coal. INVERCOAL is a key exporter of PCI low and high volatile coal. It also runs two processing plants where crushed, sized, and dried coal is packed for final use in steel mills and in other Metallurgical uses. INVERCOAL coal reserves are in the range of 50 million metric tons of inferred reserves and of 150 million metric tons of hypothetical reserves.


INVERCOAL is a 25 year old International Trading and mining company , created by The RODRIGUEZ-MARTINEZ Family in Colombia, South America.



CRISTIAN GREGORIO RODRIGUEZ MARTÍNEZ: Chairman. A fifty years old executive, with twenty years’ experience in the mining industry. He  was trained in the USA with a Fulbright Fellowship at Northeastern University and at M.I.T. in Urban and regional studies. He has also worked as an adviser to the board of Directors of the Colombian Senate, he has also been Vice president of Telecom (Colombia) playing an important role in the setup of the internet infrastructure in Colombia and as a professor in various post-graduate programs in Bogotá, Colombia.

ALEJANDRO RODRÍGUEZ MONTES: Strategic Vice-President. Philosopher with emphasis in Philosophy of Science, Epistemology and Political Philosophy in La Javeriana University, with postgrad studies in Political Economy, Management and Human Resources. He has worked in the development of add value products, the diversification of the investment, and the management of the human resources of the company, costumer’s service, as well as the management of the relationship with the surrounding communities of the projects through cultural and capacitation programs with the Colombian Coal Institute for Coal Enviroment, Energy and Society.

ALFONSO LLORENTE SARDI: Head Legal Adviser, a former Vice-Minister of Foreign Trade in Colombia, Member of the Board of Directors of the Colombian Foreign Trade Promotion and financing entities, Vice-Director of the Central Bank, and an expert in the mining and commercial areas. He graduated from Duke University.

LUIS JARAMILLO C: Senior Geology Adviser, Eng. Jaramillo has been among various distinguished positions Director of INGEOMINAS - the National Mining Authority -some 15 years Ago and also works part time for Anglo in the area of Gold Cooper and other metallic minerals.
Eng. Jaramillo started the Landazuri Project while he worked for Rio Tinto in Colombia.
Geologist: National University of Colombia, Bogota D.C, 1964.
MSc. Economic Geology: New Mexico Tech. NM, USA 1973.
Mineral Exploration & Economics Course: Queens University, Kingston Ontario, Canada 1978.
Mineral Exploration and Evaluation Course: Ecole National Superieure des Mines, Paris France 1980.
Financial Analysis on Selected Copper Deposits Seminar: Mineral Systems Inc Stanford, Conn. U.S.A. 1982 – 1984.

CESAR DAVID CASTILLO CEPEDA, A Young mining Engineer with a tremendous potential in the field of Mine direction and project execution. Director of the project of (La Primavera Mine), an underground automatized mine of mid volatile coking coal in Boyacá